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    Attach the holder to the wall.

    For horizontal placement, mark the height of the rear axle on the wall. For vertical placement, lift the front wheel up so that both wheels touch the wall and mark the height of the front axle on the wall. Hold the metal bracket over the marking you previously made and mark the two holes to be drilled. Check to make sure the two marking are at the same height. 

    Using appropriate screws and / or anchors appropriate for the wall material, fasten the steel bracket to the wall so that it is secure and resistant to the high forces involved with usage.

    Note: Very high forces are exerted, especially when the bicycle is removed from the holder. Failing to use appropriate screws and / or anchors can result in the bracket coming loose from the wall and cause the bicycle to fall over. Therefore, regularly check that the bicycle holder is securely fastened to the wall.

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    Next, use the screws provided to securely fasten the two brushes to the inside of the bracket. Next, locate the the two holes on either side of the bracket. On the back of each brush head are two corresponding pre-drilled holes, line up these holes with those on the bracket. Use the provided screws to fasten the brush heads to the inside of the bracket. 

    Make sure that the bristles are angled toward the wall. 

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