The bike rack for all tire widths

Whether mountain bike, e-bike or road bike - the BRIX-IT bike rack is easy to use and holds all your bikes securely. 

 A cleanup has never been this easy

BRIX-IT is a universal bicycle rack for wall installation indoors and outdoors. The patented design with specially engineered bristles gently and securely holds all common types of bicycles and tire widths. Since the bike doesn’t have to be lifted, handling is a breeze. It’s a fun and easy way to tidy up you bicycle fleet.

*not suitable for tire widths below 25 mm or over 2.8 inches (65 mm)



  • Securely holds nearly any kind of bicycle*

  • Even heavy e-bikes

  • Horizontal and vertical bicycle positions possible

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Safe and straightforward operation 

  • No adjustments necessary

  • Quick and easy wall installation

  • Requires no lifting


  • Solid construction

  • High-Quality materials

  • Precise manufacturing

  • Protects frames and rims

How it works

Simply install BRIX-IT at wheel-axle height on the wall.

For vertical mounting, push the front wheel into the BRIX-IT and make sure the rear tire touches the wall. For horizontal mounting, push the back wheel into the BRIX-IT. Check that the wheel is fully mounted in the BRIX-IT and you’re done.

What people say

The highest quality down to the smallest detail

We rely on uncompromising quality in materials and manufacturing. Every detail has been perfected, so you can enjoy "BRIXING" for a long time to come.


install BRIX-IT 

BRIX-IT is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Our assembly video and instructions will show you how to get started. If you still have questions or need assistance, please contact our support.


Tire Widths
from 25 mm to 2.8 inches (65 mm) can be securely held, requiring no adjustments.

Clamping Bracket

is made of 2.5 mm thick steel sheet. The matt powder coating protects against corrosion.

Holding Bristles

are made of industrial grade high-performance plastic.

The BRIX-IT Story

BRIX-IT was invented by Tobias, the father of a bicycle loving family, who was tired of the daily bicycle chaos in his garage.


In his search for a suitable bicycle holder, he quickly discovered that products on the market either didn't fit wide mountain bike tires or were so complicated that the kids couldn't use them on their own.


The idea of using brushes as a bicycle holder came to Tobias after he had been searching for a suitable solution and his eyes fell on a broom.


What began with simple prototypes was perfected in the best Swabian tradition into a patented product. 


We hope you too decide to join the BRIX-IT community.


Your BRIX-IT Team 


Show us your BRIX-IT moment

Our racks look much better on your wall and with your bike than on our shelves. Link us to your pictures so we can show them here!

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The bike rack for all tire widths

Whether mountain bike, e-bike or road bike - the BRIX-IT bike rack is easy to use and holds all your bikes securely. 

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